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New Zealand Health IT Cluster delegation to Health-e-Nation conference in Sydney

14 September 2010

As we wrote in an earlier post, OceanBrowser was part of a delegation of New Zealand health IT companies to the Health-e-Nation conference in Sydney. This was an opportunity to get OB3 in front of a new crowd and we met some great people from Geisinger in the US, the Australian College of Health Informatics, NEHTA and of course our New Zealand compatriots.

There are close ties between Australia and New Zealand in medical education and, in fact, Save Sight Institute students enroll in University of Otago courses. So Australia is a natural market for us and we are keen to pursue our chances there. Distance delivery is an obvious option for Australian institutions but we learnt that in Sydney you don’t have to be in a remote site to make distance learning modes worthwhile – in the big cities, travel times and travel hassle make features like document sharing and teleconferencing very tenable.

This all made us think there’s another opportunity for OceanBrowser here: that any course with time-starved professionals would benefit from our goal of bringing content and collaboration together. Distance is relative.

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