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RunRev Keynote features OB3

18 April 2011

We use RunRev’s LiveCode for prototyping new features, and supporting educator-created interative content, so we’re stoked that RunRev CEO Kevin Miller highlighted OB3 in his keynote at this month’s global developer's conference, RunRevLive held in San Jose. The live and online audience is in the thousands and, as many LiveCode developers are in education, this is an important group of people for us.

LiveCode makes it easy to write once and deploy to many platforms, including iOS and Android (which is great for us as we bring in mobile support).   We've used it internally for prototyping new features during the development process of OB3.

Kevin's presentation highlighted our seamless integration of Livecode web content, and how simple it is for academic developers to take their innovative interactive content online with OB3.

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